Representing galleries:

Dix9 H?l?ne Lacharmoise, Paris, France

Marina Gisich Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

My artistic practice is close to the methods «Memory studies». The visual in the works is like an iceberg - most of the "underwater" part is occupied by research and work with professional and amateur archival sources. Exploring the boundaries between the intangible image and form, text and image, dark zones of memory and consciousness, I create personal paradoxical spaces, emphasizing the zones of social and psychological fault. One might say that I am interested in the boundaries between mediality and presence, where the meaning is not equal to the signified.

Personal memory of a «Common person», local stories and features, minor details are the basis for the works. In my paintings, I explore the relationship between the mediums of digital photography and painting, revealing the levels of mediation involved in the creation and interpretation of images.