At first sight the objects resemble either enlarged horseshoes or clamps. But actually they are the images of halos from the Russian icons of XV–XVII centuries made of black, roughly processed steel products and complemented by glowing neon tubes.

Belonging to a divine being or a superman, a halo is a conventional, symbolic image of the sacred immaterial light. The ownerless halos are not just ‘grins without cats’. They demonstrate the energy and the tension of the empty space, they are the signs of the sacred, pulsing with material light energy. Call it de-sacralisation of the metaphysical or sacralisation of the physical — bothhave to do with space. The sacred is not opposed to the material, it extends its boundaries and generates physical energy.
Ivan Khimin




Объект: Нимб Николая. Металл 8 мм, черный прокат.

Объект: Нимб Архангела Михаила. Металл 8 мм, черный прокат