The exhibition is arranged as an installation consisting of 21 paintings (gesso, wood 42x32 cm) based on mobile phone photographs. Mobilographies are painted with egg yolk tempera on wooden panels. In the centre of the ground floor of the gallery a heavy hook brought by the author form a former navy base Kronstadt is hung. The hook is a mathematical pendulum similar to Foucault pendulum. It slowly rotates against the surface of the Earth opposite the motion of Earth.The hook points at the lower level of the exposition — down the stairs where a chair from the artist's workshop finishes the exhibition. The artist suggests having a break and sitting in front of the key work of the cycle ‘Belo Horizonte’ tempera. This work is a pictorial ready-made of a postcard view of Belo Horizonte, the city built according to the general plan by Aar?o Reis and Oscar Niemeyer. The author confronts the concepts of natural and artificial, temporal and timeless. So the object ‘Attitude of the Past towards the Present’ (Soviet era artificial Christmas-tree with shattered natural needles) is a crucial conceptual marker for the photorealist temperas with daily life subjects.







The Museum inside the Unconscious