Mere bystanders of the flow of life, we are ruthless.

‘Haunted by the dreams or states between dream and reality every night in the hour of the wolf (between three and four in the morning), when ghosts and demons are most powerful’

The Hour of the Wolf is an unpredictable irrational moment, the crack in time, when the time flow starts to sink into oblivion and our common sense is tested by the feeling of our own mortality.
The exhibition records the invisible and immaterial pattern of the endless and loose cause-and-effect connections. As if I’m present here. But it’s not me. It’s the reality that lets itself happen around me.
Non-existent spaces, points of departure, deserted landscapes, empty corridors, the sleeping passengers in public transport suspended between dream and reality — all this suggests the kind of contemplation that I would call scrutinizing the presence of things and people.
By combining the photographic document on digital screens with visible painting I try to find out which one will take the other on.
Is there a way to extract an evasive identity from the archive of the sub-consciousness? And if ‘me’ serves as a caretaker of a kind of a personal museum and keeps my memories in the restricted space, am I free to assume that the kept images are ‘me’? In other words, can I be a museum of myself? How can I save the space between the moments? How can I make the flow of life stop for infinity? This project is the meditation upon the idea if the reality perception can be directed or we’re destined to start the play from the scratch over and over again.

Hour of the Wolf. Сanvas, oil. 160 х 220 cm, 2013

Sacred procession.  Сanvas, oil, 220???160 cm. 2013